Monday, January 25, 2010

Protect the Children (and mean it)

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Hello there!

I named this Blog Twelfth Child Musings because I am the twelfth of thirteen children. I began this Blog at the suggestion of one of those other thirteen children; to utilise my writing abilities as well as show off my (feeble) attempts at photography.

Unfortunately, I am now choosing to close down Twelfth Child Musings-There will be a few items in the future, perhaps, but any regular posting will cease for the time being. I have backed up and kept a record of all the past posts over the last years.

After the Novelty of the Blog wore off, people stopped coming by-In the past 6 mos this blog was reduced to only one or two regular visitors, and the occasional pop in and out by people surfing blogs thru blogger-hardly reason for me to use it to communicate happenings here on the Ranch-as for the photographs-they are all available by request for download.

This Blog will return at some point-at this stage in life, I am in the planning of another venue-

It's been a fun and learning experience!

Nick Griffin Miller

For those who get my regular emails, everything there is the same.

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