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Prop 8 Trial Re-enactment

Well, I don't think anyone comes here anymore, but for what it is worth-please view!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

OBAMA SPEAKS-Radanovich closes his ears!

I write my Congressman George Radanovich on EVERY Human Rights challenge that approaches Congress.

I wrote him pleading for him to vote FOR the Mathew Sheppard Bill (some of you received a copy of my letter, as well as his canned response).

I will say-he does NOT listen-he sends me happy letters telling me how proud he (was) to vote against the Mathew Sheppard Bill!

This past week I received a letter (nearly two pages) extolling how wonderful he is that he intends to see that Marriage in this Country is restricted to "One MAN and One WOMAN." and how that is the law, and he supports the law, and will not vote to change it because HE feels-not HE votes the voice of the People.

I can only hope that for a change, this next election, someone of good character (for a change) will finally run against this "Character" George Randanovich and throw his behind off the dole of the major Corporate World (take a look at who he takes money from-Big business Agriculture-Big Busines Pharmaceutical Firms)-is that WE THE PEOPLE??? HELL NO.

Now listen to OBMAMA-he knows the voice of the people-not some Vineyard Owner who goes to Washington claiming to be like James Madison-BECAUSE James Madison also owned a Vineyard! Yes, that is what was said on behalf of George Radanovich!

Oh, and an aside to George Radanovich-keep the letters coming-they serve to demonstrate just WHO you are serving...Yourself and Big Business. The "Thank you for contacting me. It is a pleasure to hear from you on this important issue, and please keep in touch." rings truly HOLLOW. I wonder if you know this is slapped on every form letter that comes from your office-I wrote you to say so-no response-but another form letter.

EVERYONE-is YOUR Representative doing this to you? Time for a change!

Nick Griffin Miller


Hello there!

I named this Blog Twelfth Child Musings because I am the twelfth of thirteen children. I began this Blog at the suggestion of one of those other thirteen children; to utilise my writing abilities as well as show off my (feeble) attempts at photography.

Unfortunately, I am now choosing to close down Twelfth Child Musings-There will be a few items in the future, perhaps, but any regular posting will cease for the time being. I have backed up and kept a record of all the past posts over the last years.

After the Novelty of the Blog wore off, people stopped coming by-In the past 6 mos this blog was reduced to only one or two regular visitors, and the occasional pop in and out by people surfing blogs thru blogger-hardly reason for me to use it to communicate happenings here on the Ranch-as for the photographs-they are all available by request for download.

This Blog will return at some point-at this stage in life, I am in the planning of another venue-

It's been a fun and learning experience!

Nick Griffin Miller

For those who get my regular emails, everything there is the same.

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